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The saying, “easy does it!” reminds me of a few things. First, my dad, telling me this growing up and even now as an always-busy, probably-over-doing-it all the time young adult. Secondly, how easy some things can be now, once discovered. Cue Just Add Cooking, a local (Dorchester-based) company, who delivers wholesome “meal kits” full of fresh, pre-measured, and high quality ingredients that are carefully packed and delivered right to your home.

Recently moving in with my boyfriend, and me being a very picky semi-vegan (I wish I could quit cheese), with a newish job and lots of afterwork activities, we were falling into a huge food rut. He’s a meat eater, but I get grossed out by cooking meat, so we compromise and have only a handful of recipes we ate on a rotating weekly basis, until neither of us wanted to see any of our go-to recipes for a very long time.

Just Add Cooking was a perfect solution for our busy, new life. During the week you can see available menu options, both meat friendly and meat free, select what you’d like and schedule your delivery. We had ours arrive on a Sunday afternoon, actually while I was at yoga. Everything was carefully packed and  items that needed to be kept cold, were.  We selected three veggie meals that we wouldn’t normally dare cook, or even have the ingredients to do so without paroozing Whole Foods for a few hours to find! The ingredients were carefully labeled and measured out for each recipe. I absolutely adored that all of the locally sourced ingredients were specially labeled, such a nice touch!  The box, very thoughtfully suggested which recipe to cook first, to make sure we kept the freshness factor in mind. Each recipe was so clearly laid out, that even a wanna-be chef like me who considers making zoodles with my spiralizer a gourmet meal, could whip up each in around a half hour.

From a convenience factor, without sacrificing quality, freshness or healthy eating, Just Add Cooking was a major win for me. Being a very picky eater, it was interesting to see how the options changed each week, but I found that making modifications was easy when their wasn’t a perfect fit and it challenged me to try and discover some new meals that I wouldn’t have normally thought I could cook, or enjoy!

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