Gal’s guide: winter skincare tips with skoah

skoah boston winter skin

skoah boston winter skin

Winter can be harsh in many ways: shoveling, freezing temps, salt ruining your favorite new boots, and it can be especially rough on your skin. Thankfully for us, I got to catch up with Pete Dziedzic, owner of skoah, South End. skoah is known for its skin training philosophy, think of it as a spa turned gym, with personal trainers to bring out the best in your skin, using only natural, high-performance products. Don’t let the “gym” fool you, skoah’s Boston locations are absolutely stress (and sweat!) free.  

First steps first. You’ve got to tweak your at-home routine to add more hydration. Cold air can wreak havoc on our skin (think about how chapped your hands get when you forget your gloves!). This also means go easy on the hot showers. As amazing as they feel, hot water can break down the lipid barrier of the skin, causing more moisture loss. Lukewarm water is best!

Exfoliating is equally as important. Make sure to exfoliate a few times a week (2-3x is optimal) to get rid of dead skin. Not only will this help skin in looking brighter, products will be more effective, working on live skin. Exfoliation can mean different things for different skin types. For example, my skin trainer recommended peel type exfoliants vs. scrubs for my skin type. 

For an at home pick-me-up, try this do it yourself treatment. What you’ll need:

  • An hour long episode of your fave show (we’re thinking Scandal)
  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliation/chemical peel mask
  • Treatment/hydration mask
  • Wine

Step 1: cleanse your face

Step 2: apply chemical peel mask

Step 3: pour a tall glass of wine

Step 4: at the second commercial break, wash off the first mask and apply your hydration mask

Step 5: pour another glass of wine

Step 6: remove the second mask, or leave it on overnight for maximum hydration

Add some new tools to your winter skin survival kit:

skoah Face Balm is a winter miracle worker! Use it over your moisturizer during the day to help create a protective barrier from wind and cold.  At night, the shea butter, highly refined olive oil and rice bran wax soothes and softens dry skin.  

The skoah AHA mask is one of their most popular products and uses alpha hydroxy acids derived from grape and apple seeds to gently remove dead skin while sea kelp algae helps to hydrate the skin. I bought this last year, and just ran out!

The hydradew mask is another tried and true most-popular product, not only does it smell heavenly, the moisture instantly brings your skin back to life. I especially like sleeping in this, as it’s not super sticky and doesn’t rub off on your bedding.

Of course, it always helps to treat yourself to some time with a pro. I highly recommend the kick starter membership to get you started. The $180 membership includes your choice of 3 fitskin facials, 3 power facials or 2 facialsicious facials. It’s the perfect way to get your skin (and body!) feeling wonderful again.

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