round up: two food favorites collide & a local indiegogo you have to support

Toro sweetgreen boston collab salad bowl

Two of my favorite things just collided and the results are so delicious. Local favorite Boston restaurant, Toro‘s chef Ken Oringer has partnered with sweetgreen to bring Boston “The Toro Bowl” through the end of May. I tried it this past weekend at MarketStreet and I honestly couldn’t hold off taking pix (explaining the stock imagery above!) before I dove in. The vegetarian-friendly recipe is made with quinoa, hot chickpeas, kale (I swapped for spinach), roasted potatoes, roasted corn + tomatoes + jalapenos, local radishes, basil, feta (I swapped for tofu), lemon squeeze, Sweetgreen hot sauce and charred jalapeno yogurt dressing. The portion is so filling you might even have leftovers, if you can stop yourself from eating it!

AukaLife Antioxidant Wellness Supplement for Shakes

You’ve got to meet AukaLife, all-natural, organic superfood blends, individually packed to enhance your meals, created by a Bostonian, Lauren Lampert.  There’s a lot of information out there about what we put into our bodies and how it affects our physical and mental wellness. Lauren’s mission with AukaLife is to take away the questions, by combining a few targeted, effective, and natural ingredients with single serving portions for you to take on the go!

DETOX – moringa, matcha, spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass, flaxseed

ENERGY – maca, bee pollen, flaxseed, coconut palm

RECOVERY – cacao, pea protein, hemp protein, maca, walnut

ANTIOXIDANT – acai powder, goji powder, turmeric, chia seeds, beet root powder, camu camu

I loved Detox and Antioxidant (pictured above) and used both of them in my morning and post-yoga smoothies for an extra pick me up!

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