Gal’s guide: how to get through your first barry’s class

I survived Barry's Bootcamp Boston

Barry's Studio Boston

I recently attended my first-ever Barry’s class and to say it was the best workout ever, is an understatement. It combines intervals with strength training to lean and tone. Not only is it an intense workout, it’s fun. I love the atmosphere at Barry’s: lights down low and music blaring.

A bootcamp intervals style workout can sound intimidating. Going into the class, I’ll admit I was so nervous. Not only did I not know what to expect but I didn’t want to completely embarrass myself. I’ve rounded up some survival tips to help you get through your first Barry’s:


  1. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! This one is super important. Make sure you drink plenty of water before you head to class. Between the cardio and strength training, you are going to sweat it out.
  2. Bring a friend for moral/motivational support and laughs! I brought a friend along  and it made me feel so much more comfortable. We pushed each other through the workout and after the fact, laughed about how challenging (but fun) it was. We survived together!
  3. Be sure to stretch after class (again) once you’re home. You’re going to be sore, no doubt, but stretching will help your muscles bounce back so you’re ready for round two.
  4. Eat a protein packed snack or meal after. Don’t let that all that hard work go to waste! Fuel up right at Barry’s with their yummy, healthy smoothies. I’ll take anything blueberries or almond butter, please.
  5. Go at your own pace but don’t forget to push yourself.  The instructors are super encouraging but realize everyone goes at different speeds. Don’t think about those around you, just focus on you and let the music keep your pace (the Drake and Justin Bieber tunes are a huge help). It’s your time so HAVE FUN!

Check out Barry’s newest location located at Chestnut Hill’s The Street. Plus, they’re offering a 3-class opening special for $75! Head to their site for more details.

Happy sweating!



Photo Credit: The Red Room at Barry’s — Andrew Wang