Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for the Plant Lover

We’ve rounded up our fave gift ideas for the plant lover (or hoarder!) in your life. Let’s face it – succulents, cacti and houseplants basically became accessories this year thanks to instagram. Greenery became must-have home decor items, from actual plants to prints, patterns and decor made to look like your favorite plants.


Gifts for the Plant Lover under $100

Under $25:

Does the plant lover in your life need some help in the “keeping the plants alive” department? With these cactus prints from Etsy, your plant lover can enjoy the view sans taking care of it. This millennial pink version would look gorgeous with a gold frame or, opt for a lighter color print and pair with a white frame. Gift both so your bestie can style them in her gallery wall. How adorable are these cactus salt & pepper shakers – they’d make perfect stocking stuffers.  If your bestie is a self-proclaimed interior decorator – she needs a few of these faux Monstera leaves from West Elm. It’s perfect for styling on a mantle with a clear or geometric vase. Lucky for you, this Pineapple Air Plant Magnet just got restocked. Air plants need minimal attention and care, and these look totally adorable on your fridge or  bring some happy into your cubical.  For a more personal, delivered-to-door gift, opt for a succulent garden gift box from Lula’s Garden. These succulent sets are eco friendly and long lasting! Ditch the go-to classic floral delivery and pick your garden size and succulent combo. Never let your plants go thirsty again with these vintage plant misters.

1. Vibrant Cactus Print – $4 (from $5.90!)

2. Cactus Print – $6

3. World Market Cactus Salt & Pepper Shaker – $10

4. West Elm Faux Monstera Leaf – $12 (from $16!)

5. Pineapple Air Plant Magnet – $18

6. Lula’s Garden – $25+

7. World Market Vintage Plant Misters – $25

Under $50:

A plant connoisseur can’t live without the essentials in their kitchen. Think Rosemary, Basil, Thyme or Oregano (yum!). Gift this Anthropologie Herb Planter Set for just about anyone in your life: the hostess or chef, perhaps. For a less practical but more statement piece – add this West Elm Freeform Terrarium to your collection. Easily display your beautiful blooms in this open glass case. We’re also loving this marble + glass terrarium. It doubles as a coffee table focal point or “shelfie” fave.

8. Anthropologie Herb Planter Set – $32

9. West Elm Freeform Terrarium – $34-48 (from $49-69)

10. West Elm Marble + Glass Terrarium – $41 (from $59)

Under $100:

If you’re looking for even more ways to bring the outdoors in, try this Anthropologie trio plant hanger. In this gorgeous hammered gold, it looks less “plant hanger” and more like a decor item that’s sure to be a centerpiece. Hang in the kitchen or living room and enjoy the greenery.

11. Anthropologie Gold Trio Plant Hanger – $78

These are gifts that will definitely keep on growing (with a little help, of course). Happy planting!


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