no shop feb: why and how

By now “No Shop Feb” must be all over your instagram feed. I’m sharing the why’s and how’s behind my participating below.

For as long as I can remember shopping has been a big part of my life. Ok, that sounds shallow, but it’s true. Shopping for me was always more of an activity I looked forward to and not a task that I had to do. I’m sure all of you 90’s kids can relate, being dropped off at the mall on Friday nights when you were too young to drive. Hanging out with friends while shopping, window shopping and trying to get a glimpse of your crush.

When I turned thirteen I begged my parents to take my friends and I into Boston to shop on Newbury Street for my birthday. We gathered up all of my jr. high friends and walked, talked, shopped and ladies who lunched for the day. When I was fifteen I went on a trip to California and fell in love with the unique shops and designers on Melrose. When I got back to Boston I googled one of the shops I liked the most and was thrilled to find out they had an online shop, as most retailers back then did not have e-commerce. My first ever online purchase was a pink cowl neck sweater that I regretted I did not buy in person on my vacation. And so, my online shopping addiction was born.

Even one of my first jobs was at OFF Fifth, the Saks Fifth Avenue, outlet in Wrentham, and you can guess where my paycheck went. Even now, with girlfriends, scheduling time together around checking out new shops, running errands, or even shopping on our vacations comes so naturally.

You could say this is just ingrained in who I am. A lot of my favorite times revolved and still do, around the activity of shopping. It’s weird to look back on all of this and see how much of my life and things I actually had joy in revolved around shopping.

I used to admire people with luxuries, and to some extent still do. I immediately go to the “she must work so hard to have that” and relate. Although, realistically, that might not always be the case and often times more than not, it isn’t.

Personal Goals:

  • Organize and purge:
    • Go through both closets (yes, two) and endless storage bins to sort clothes into a few different piles: Poshmark, donation & a bin for my future daughter (no, I’m not pregnant but this is always something I wish my mom had done for me, and it’s something I started a long time ago for my future babe)
  • No clothing or home shopping for the whole month of February to:
    • Mindfully break the cycle of “I want” or “I need”. A LOT of times I am buying things because they are on sale and I justify the spend because it’s “so cheap” or “will never be this cheap again”!
    • Use and appreciate what I have. I have A LOT. You don’t realize it, until you really stop and look around, but I have almost everything I need already from a wardrobe perspective.

You can find and follow the gals participating with me by following the #noshopfeb hashtag on IG, or by checking them out individually here: @achicvoyage @afashionfix @amodestlife @asequinedlife @ashleyvbeine @bluebootsgo @champagne_thursday @cmcinthecity @d_mobley @elizabethev @emilyshell @gretsky126 @iceberghaha @jenfirshe @klassicallykaytee @kristinbassett @kristylyons @lyssmmm @mystyletales @natmazz @nishatnguyen @primandpropah@sassyysaraa @sixfeetinheels @speedy2ac @thechroniclesofsheel @aline_aesthetic @alexbyersays



PS – a lot of you were asking about Poshmark via my instagram stories. It’s pretty easy to navigate: post photos of the items you want to list, and an asking price. Be prepared to haggle a bit and to give Poshmark 20% (better than most consignment shops!). I’ve unloaded a lot of items here and whatever I don’t sell within a few months goes to the donation pile. Use “ShaunaGallagher” when signing up for $5 off your first purchase.

**No Shop Feb update: it’s been two weeks and I am shopping-free. I was VERY tempted by a Gilt City sale for Exhale massages on an extra 30% off, but I held out. These deals come up often, so I’m going to pass until next time! (Self-control Shauna!)

I have also had more time to be screen free. I knew I was in front of a screen a lot but I hadn’t realized how much of that time was for online shopping.