holiday gift guide: self-care + clean beauty

Self Care Clean Beauty Gift Guide

This whole self care meets natural, clean beauty “trend” is no longer a trend but a movement. It’s so important to show yourself some love in a natural, good-for-you way! What better gift to give your fave gals (moms, BFFs, aunts, friends) or maybe even yourself than the gift of looking and feeling good?! We’ve rounded up a few of our tried and true clean beauty products. And, a few self care items that are a must for stressful days or just helping to unwind. Because she totally deserves it.

ONE. You guys have to visit my spiritual healer/wellness guru/yogi teacher/friend Stef at Root + Sky Wellness. She’s been treating me for an old ankle injury, anxiety and most recently to get my skin wedding ready. You’ll absolutely love some me time, relaxing at her holistic health and wellness retreat and leave feeling refreshed and revived.

TWO. These Dr. Bessette soaps are from farm to shower. Support a local lady run business and lather yourself in the most delicious smelling soaps. You can find these luxurious bars at Stillman’s Farm Stand at Boston Public Market.

THREE. I use the OSEA Sea Vitamin Boost spray everyday. It’s the perfect toner to hydrate and purify and the smell is incredible.

FOUR. So, since seeing Stef (ONE above!) I’ve been hooked on micro needling. This is something she can do for you at the retreat, and something you can do by yourself at home. Confession: sometimes I lay in bed and watch TV and roll away. Lady gets a little scared, but it helps keep my mind off the slight pinching of the micro needles!

FIVE. I recently discovered Follain (thanks to a ton of recommendations via Instagram!) and I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. I was a bit confused on where to start when it came to natural skincare but Follain curates a selection of all-natural products. You can search by skin concern which was so helpful for me! The Follain starter kit would be perfect for someone who is looking to test out some new products but unsure where to start. It also doubles as a gift for the jetsetter (since those drugstore travel items just aren’t cutting it).

Self Care Clean Beauty Gift Guide

SIX. This Indie Lee toner is a great gift for the gal who is always on the go and needs something quick to leave her skin feeling refreshed + moisturized – from post-gym to jet setting.

SEVEN. This Caudalie serum screams French luxe. It’s a bit pricey but really worth it, especially since it’s a serum. I’ve noticed way less unwanted acne and even skin tone while using this. It kind of feels like magic in a tiny bottle.

EIGHT. I’ve also been using these Naturally Serious peel pads, which combined with the Indie Lee toner, have left my skin feeling so, so smooth. They’ve both dramatically helped improve the texture of my skin, too!

NINE. The Beauty Chef Inner Collagen Boost seriously changed my hair and nails. When I was drinking this religiously everyday my hair grew faster and my nails were stronger. My face was also a little brighter, but I can’t 110% give credit to just this product, as I was also experimenting with new clean beauty creams and serums.

TEN. This Hidrate Smart water bottle lights up when you need to take a sip, how cool is that? Talk about a cute way to be reminded to get your daily h20 intake!


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